Transfer AWS instance with different region and different account

3 minute read

Check the speed of each region on AccountA: has the original instance in N. Virginia AccountB: will create instance in Singapore


  1. Login with AccountA;
  2. Find your EC2 instance in N. Virginia
  3. Select your instance and click Actions > Image > Create Image;
  4. Set the only required field Image name, let others default, click Create Image;
  5. Wait for a moment, you will find AMI and Snapshot created;
  6. Click IMAGES > AMIs > Actions > Copy AMI;
  7. Select Asia Pacific (Singapore) in Destination region and click Copy AMI;
  8. Wait for a moment and change your region to  Singapore , find the new Image under IMAGES > AMIs, copy the AMI ID;
  9. Click Actions > Modify Image Permissions;
  10. Set AccountB number and click Add Permission to make this Image available to AccountB;
  11. Logout AccountA and login AccountB;
  12. Change your region to Singapore, move to EC2 page and click Launch Instance;
  13. Search the copied AMI ID under Community AMIs;
  14. that’s all.