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YLLY - Team leader (Mar. 2016 - Now)

Set up the Tardis team, work with other three teams around the world and build the ERP system to integrate all systems we use, familiar with e-commerce system.

  1. 2B/2C websites: make all orders store in one system and mange in one place;
  2. Financial system (Kingdee): make our orders synchronize with Kingdee system, the operators will not record one by one.
  3. Agile project management (TargetProcess): calculate and display team metrics, include Cycle Time, Throughtput, Flow Efficiency, Code Quality, etc

TAGG - CTO & Co-Founder (May. 2015 - Feb. 2016)

Our product is a Social Netework app for fashion people to share their lifestyles.

I build the technical team, choose the technology stack(Tornado, MongoDB, AWS), design the workflow and make the team work fast to meet the weekly plan which based on Daily Scrum and Weekly Sprint. I’m also work on backend and technology research.

App Annie - Senior Software Engineer (Aug. 2013 - May. 2015)

Investigate and design the new search which based on elasticsearch. Include distribute storage design, server estimate, multilingual support and query optimization.


Writing efficient and robust spiders and maintain spiders for all markets(iTunes, Google Play, Amazon Store, etc). At that time I do a lot of deep use of scrapy and write some middlewares(timeout, proxy, retry, etc) for that.


The website( is too complex for showing all apps info in different markets and have a lot of duplicate codes between those markets. I do a lot investigating and finally use components to do the refactoring which make basic info, rating, review and rank independently. Now we use less time to maintain the pages and add new features much easier.

Zhihu - Leader of Mobile Backend Team (Jun. 2011 - Aug. 2013)

Build the team and mange the working progress

OPEN API Service,

Used for zhihu apps and third-part applications. I designed and implemented it in RESTFul style.

OAUTH 2.0 Certification Service,

Used for zhihu apps and third-part partners. I implemented it based on RFC 6749.

Real-time Content Review System

Used for reviewing questions, answers and pictures by operation team and volunteers. Use task dispatching and long lived http to make the work more efficient.


Kingsoft - Software Engineer (Aug. 2009 - Jun. 2011)

cloud-antivirus system