Kudo Box

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Anything that has real and lasting value is always a gift from within. — Franz Kafka

A gift from within is an intrinsic motivation, which is more valuable and lasting longer than extrinsic motivation.

People has the need to be recognized by your peers. Kudobox is a tool facilitating this.


As we have four teams around the world, I will show you an online way:

  • When anybody in the company feels your peer deserve a recognition, like, he fixed your dev environment, share some knowledge to you, teach you some new skills, etc. You can send she/he one kudo card;
  • Visit http://kudobox.co/, choose a card and write done the specific reason on it;
  • Share the card into your chat group and mention the receiver, like slack, so team members can react on this;
  • At weekly meeting, there will be someone to take out all kudo cards and announce it publicly;
  • Optional, Send some little presents to the top winners.

Demo: http://kudobox.co/kudos/0SNrUvaYfwaoxfNLfKbu91w.png

Kudo Card


  1. Don’t promise rewards in advance.
  2. Keep anticipated rewards small.
  3. Reward continuously, not once.
  4. Reward publicly, not privately.
  5. Reward behavior, not outcome.
  6. Reward peers, not subordinates.

More details in https://management30.com/practice/kudo-box/