Python e-commerce frameworks

5 minute read

There are a lot of e-commerce frameworks in PHP and one pretty cool in Ruby on Rails(, but now I will tell this field in python.

Key features I’m caring about:

Functional requirements

  • Multilingual (dashboard or admin panel in Chinese)
  • Product Types (different product may have different fields)
  • Search (build-in one will save your time)
  • Customer Accounts (store customer related things)
  • Dynamic Categories (the requirements change all the time, so make this part more generic)
  • Price sorting/filtering (products always need sorting and filtering)
  • Payment Methods (should be an independent one as we will integrate a niche payment provider)
  • Wishlist (store products and shops)

Developing requirements

  • Documented (the important one as e-commerce website is much complex)
  • Development Status (Stable to use)
  • Django Version (we need the newer version will have longer support)
  • Github stars (we all believe this)
  • Easy to use
  • API support
  • Recent Commits (showing repo dead or not?)

Let’s see some candidates

Django SHOP

Django Oscar



Finally, I choose django-oscar, as

  • I need Chinese support, it has 95% finished in Chinese.
  • It has more stars;
  • It is django style design, complex but has more documents;
  • It is much more flexible with dynamic design, so I can customize it to meet my requirements.