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Thinking about smart home

2 minute read

Currently, in 2017, the smart home is like mobile phone or pc at 2000, we use DIY computer at that time, but in 2017, we already use brand computer, so smart...

Kudo Box

3 minute read

Anything that has real and lasting value is always a gift from within. — Franz Kafka


重构 django settings

1 minute read

使用 Django 的团队,总会面临 配置文件臃肿的问题,并且随着第三方引用涉及的配置增多及多项目存在冗余配置时,这个问题更加突出了

Sync typos between two Macs

5 minute read

I think every programer or writer may face this scenario, when we write some text in mac, the OS may detect typo for us. So we need train the OS to learn tho...

K3cloud web API

2 minute read

K3cloud is a Kingdee ERP system on cloud which have web api support

Python e-commerce frameworks

5 minute read

There are a lot of e-commerce frameworks in PHP and one pretty cool in Ruby on Rails(, but now I will tell this field in pytho...


Use parse for push notification

2 minute read

Strategy use empty string(‘’) for broadcast notification; use custom key(user_unique_id) for direct notification. When user first launch the app, we can...

About json format

2 minute read

We always want to see the json data pretty, so there are a lot of ways to achieve this.



Component based web in Django

3 minute read

Goal Fast product development and iteration Code reusable and readability Easy for testing component organise code and enable reusable(self containe...

Play with Alfred

1 minute read

Alfred 是一款 OSX 下的效率软件,类型系统的 Spotlight,但强大许多,默认快捷键:option + space

About monitoring

1 minute read

WARNING: 刚刚关注,一些地方理解不完善,算是给出一些思路,需要使用者详细了解各个优缺点


1 minute read

API 开发的功能是核心,但对开发者友好的文档及可调式的控制台则必不可少,这个关系着开发效率,沟通以及可维护性


less than 1 minute read

最近对 Golang 很感兴趣,列下学习中认为不错的资源(学习中,自己并未完全看过,有问题请指出,多谢)

Influence by others

1 minute read

1. Change Your Word Change Your World - three years ago from purplefeather

Tempfile in Python

1 minute read


Traps in PonyORM

2 minute read

website: useage: tracks:


Error when install hubot

1 minute read

1. nodejs 版本问题,这个在安装 hubot 时,会提示,5-7,需重新安装